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Suited for fingers with a knuckle of finger joint larger than the finger position where the ring will be worn, but the difference can only be about a half size or less. The beads are soldered at the five and seven o'clock positions, each bead is in a slightly flattened round shape and is one and half to two millimeters in diameter and the beads are equal in size and symmetrical in placement. The beads can be made smaller after installation as necessary for a comfortable fit.

SPRING INSERT Springs are the most comfortable modification when the difference between the knuckle diameter and the finger diameter is one to two full finger sizes. The spring assemble is made of a standard nickel white gold alloy, best for retaining tension. The assembly is attached to the ring by easy soldering with a contact distance of approximately four millimeters.

THE FOLDOVER DEVICE Foldover modifications can accommodate discrepancies in knuckle, finger diameters of two or more ring sizes, the wire is custom made and installed to fit the individual ring. The foldover assembly is made of the same alloy and color as the ring. When assembled properly the wire snaps into position.
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Our professionally assembled ring remount are in compliance to specification:

a. the radius of the base of the heads fits properly in the notch constructed for the heads, with at least 20 percent to 30 percent contact between the radius of the base of each head and the ring with no cold solder joints.

b. the heads have been soldered in the correct position on the wire to ensure adequate contact between the height of the head and the ring.

c. The joint of the head and ring shows no visible excess solder and is free of pits.

d. When viewed from both the top and side the head and prong orientation is consistent in design and execution.

e. The detail and pattern of the remount and heads are maintained free of tool marks, properly finished and polished.
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We make sure there is contact at the union of the peg head and mounting, the solder must flow from the bottom of the peg and must also flow up to secure the bottom of the base of the peg head. The solder joint is complete with no pits and covers the base of the peg to the top of the base or the head. The assemble of the head is symmetrical and even with the design of the shank. The finish and polish of the prongs are free of any evidence of die striking and other tool marks.
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