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In strict compliance our settings contact 33 to 50 percent between the surface of the top of the prong and the crown of the stone. The height of the prong is 70 to 80 percent of the height of the table. Each prong is bent and formed securely over the stones crown, and the prong mental lies flat and even against the crown. Each prong has an angle cut into it to accommodate and conform to the stones shape, providing a secure seat. the heal of each prong is no less than 50 percent of the prongs original thickness.
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The stones in the channel settings are close to each other, evenly spaced and not overlapping or touching. Metal from the two opposing walls covers approximately 10 to 15 percent of the stones total diameter. Individual seats are cut for each stone with no gaps visible at the junction of the metal and the stone. The table of all stones are level and set at equal heights. To keep the walls from drifting apart there is a bar between each stone or a ring below each stone.
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The stone in our bezel settings are set tight and secure, also level and even with the top of the bezel bright cut or finished evenly. The facet orientation of the bezel is square with the design. The top portion to the bezel is evenly burnished over the stone and the thickness of the bezel wall is sufficient to hold the stone securely.
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