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Skilled ring sizing with flawless contours that follow the design configuration from top to bottom, also the width follows the same flow. The style of the shank is maintained consistently around the base with the location of the sizing at the center of the shank bottom where it is undetectable after finishing.
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Our chain repair has the same width and depth at the repair as the chain in its original condition. The links move freely and do not bind to each other. (Note: inevitably with some chain styles, the links immediately adjacent to the repair may freeze together, this is unavoidable.) The repaired area will have the same color, luster and appearance as the rest of the chain and is free of tool marks. The alignment of the chain from side to side is even and smooth with no visible seams. The chain will form a continuous line where it has been repaired. The findings and jump rings will be of the proper dimensions and are attached securely and evenly.
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The prong repair will match in size, shape, and dimension finished with a high luster that continues over the crown of the stone ensuring the prongs won't snag clothing. Prong contact and height will be between 33 and 50 percent and 65 and 85 percent respectively. and evenly.
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The channel walls will be flat, even, and parallel, there will be no visible solder seams from the rebuild. If stones are to be reset, the seats will be properly cut for each stone and any tightening of loose stones will be free of damage. The stones will be level with the top of the channel wall and secure in the channel.
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The bezel wall is repaired flat, even and parallel, there are no visible solder seams from its replacement. The process of tightening a loose stone does not result in any visible traces of burnishing, hammering, chips or abrasions. The table of the stone is level, even with the bezel and above the top of the bezel wall and the stone is secure in the bezel.
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Tennis bracelets are repaired with proper sizing with all joints and hinges complete and operating smoothly. Mechanisms and closures, box clasps, safety catches and safety chains work with precision. The detail and pattern of each link is maintained and the catch has a second locking device.
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Our professional stringing allows the beads to lay nicely, not bunching together or twisting. Knots are snug against both sides of the pearls, also sized and shaped uniformly for the drill holes. The silk cord is matched to the pearls body color as closely as possible. The strand is attached correctly and evenly to the end of the clasp and the clasp opens and closes secure and proper.
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Wedding set repair includes matching the inside and outside profiles properly so the design elements of the two rings align. The rings are soldered at two opposing areas and the finish of the joint is clean and gives the appearance of two separate rings.
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